Monday, July 11, 2011

Update #1

I just posted the first update on the Kickstarter project page.  I decided to make these updates for supporters only.  They will each have a recipe and a sneak peek of what some of the knit items might be.  Once you sign up to be a supporter you will be able to see all the updates.  No matter how much you choose to pledge.  Every dollar counts you know:)

Today ends with $900 making 5% of the total goal.  A good start:)  But we have a long way to go!  Tell your friends about the project too.  This is a book for knitters, cooks and those that like to glean some entertaining ideas!  Something for everyone:)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm really excited about starting this blog.  I have been working on my own with this project for a while.  There are a few people I have talked with about it along the way.  And then this year it has come out of the closet!  Becoming a Visionary (attending Cat Bordhi's retreat this Winter) was an amazing step for me.  I gained the confidence to see this project to fruition.  August is the month the flesh out the writing and this Fall I'll be finishing up the patterns and having them test knit.  Plus having the recipes tested.  Yum!  Those may have to become parties;) 
This blog will be a spot to share the experience--the good, bad and ugly tears of frustration.  But there will be a book in the end.  It will happen sooner and be of incredibly high quality if the Kickstarter funding comes through.  Go support right now!!!  Thank you;)
I just recorded a podcast about this project.  Oh and lots of garden news as well.  The first list of thank yous are now on record:)  Even if the Kickstarter project does not succeed I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support friends!!